Toward Better and Greener Concrete. Interactive Workshop & Consultation. Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Two workshops in the UAE are held on March 16 and 18 2009 to discuss the implementation of EcoSmart Concrete in the Emirates and SOS tool developed by EcoSmart to facilitate its application. By invitation only.Partially replacing Portland cement with supplementary cementing materials (SCMs) in concrete can bring substantial benefits in terms of performance and constructability in addition to significant improvement of the greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint of concrete. However, there are also potential pitfalls, such as lower setting time and longer curing requirements.. Increasing the amount of SCMs in concrete is a very effective GHG reduction strategy, in line with the growing concerns about climate change and the UAE’s green building policies. But how much can be used – particularly when taking into account other important parameters of concrete construction such as: material availability, scheduling, costs, or strength and durability requirements? To address these complex issues, EcoSmart, together with a large consortium, is developing a computer-based expert advisory system that will help to determine for a given project the optimal level of SCMs as well as the best engineering and construction practices to use. This new “SCM Optimization System” – or “SOS” – will allow those involved in a concrete construction project – owners, designers, suppliers, and contractors – to understand the effects of varying the type and level of SCMs on the whole project and to decide on a best case optimum. The objective of these workshops is to ensure that the SOS responds to the needs of the construction industry and professionals and fits their needs. If you are a UAE professional involved in concrete construction and would like to be invited to one of these workshops, please contact Clare of EcoSmart at
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