Sustainable Condo for Chongqing

Official opening ceremony Chongqing

Based on a concept successfully implemented in Canada since 2004, the Sustainable Condo for Chongqing is an educational exhibit that uses contextualized living spaces and interactive zones to demonstrate green building products and strategies.  Slated to launch April 2011, the exhibit has travel for about six months and appear at 11 sites throughout the municipality of Chongqing.

About Chongqing

It is the largest municipality in the world and one of the fastest growing cities in China. With a population of 32 million and an additional 1,300 moving in every day; the region need to accommodate nearly 500,000 every year. Statistics indicate that new construction is adding approximately 137,000 square meters (1.5 million square feet) of usable floor space daily to satisfy demands for residential, commercial and factory space. It is a strategic hub for the Chinese Government as the largest and most developed city in the Western part of the country. The government of Chongqing is motivated to explore and promote green building expertise, products and materials. It recently launched the “Five Chongqing” program to improve the public’s awareness of sustainable living and development.
Ref: Sustainable condo in China (Booklet)
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