Sustainable Condo a Huge Success at Toronto’s Realtor Quest and Green Living Show

Over only one week in April 2007, two events brought more that 10,000 visitors to EcoSmart’s Sustainable Condo exhibit.
At Toronto Real Estate Board’s Realtor Quest Show , April 24-25, the condo provided realtors and other property specialists an opportunity the learn how the housing industry doesn’t have to sacrifice style to reduce its negative impact on the environment. The Sustainable Condo then moved over to the Green Living Show, April 27-29, where its shared the spotlight with Al Gore, Daryl Hannah, Margaret Atwood, Robert Kennedy Jr., George Monbiot, David Suzuki, Tim Flannery, astronaut Roberta Bondar, Alicia Smith and JB MacKinnion of the 100 Mile Diet and many others. The close to 9,000 people who visited the Sustainable Condo over the 3-day event is testament to the popularity of both the exhibit and the entire show. The condo next travels to the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) at Toronto’s Exhibition Place, August 17-September 3, 2007. The CNE is Canda’s largest annual fair, averaging 1.3 million visitors every year, and is guaranteed to bring many thousands of new visitors to the Sustainable Condo exhibit. The Sustainable Condo is being presented as a feature exhibit at these major Toronto events in 2007 through collaboration between the EcoSmart Foundation and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). Bringing the Sustainable Condo to these shows is possible through the support of our generous sponsors. For details please see view the Sustainable Condo 2007 Sponsor Page. Please see the Sustainable Condo website for further details.
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