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The Sustainability Corner online dialogue debuted at the World Urban Forum (WUF) in Vancouver and continued at other events in Vancouver and Toronto throughout 2008
Using video and web technologies, it engaged WUF delegates and others in a dialogue on solutions to urban development challenges. The EcoSmart Sustainability Corner took the Hyde Park Speaker’s Corner concept of “being heard” and applied it to the WUF. The delegates were invited to share with the world, through a web-based multi-media experience, their own particular solutions to urban development challenges. In keeping with the WUF’s “Ideas to Action” central theme, the Sustainability Corner “seeded” the dialogue with specific examples of Canadian technology and design solutions. Canadian guests, particularly those from the private sector, had the opportunity to explain the relevance of their particular technology and design solutions to the challenges discussed at the WUF. International guests, in addition to describing their own local solutions, were invited to comment on the Canadian solutions displayed, and on their experiences and future interests in working with the Canadian public and private sector on urban sustainability challenges. Located inside Canada Place, at the main entrance to the WUF exposition, the Sustainability Corner prominently featured Canadian examples of technology and design solutions to urban development challenges, with a focus on five major sustainability goals, Energy, Water, Resources, Land and Well-Being, all under a larger context of Social Sustainability and the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games. A film crew recorded short interviews with WUF delegates to get their thoughts on issues of sustainability and urban development. In addition to the main forum, Sustainability Corner captured ideas at the Business Engagement Forum, a trade fair and reception that coincided with WUF. Due to the popularity of Sustainability Corner, it was continued at two events in Toronto where EcoSmart’s Sustainable Condo exhibit was also showcased. Delegates from the Toronto Regional Green Building Festival and Construct Canada construction and realty conference added their voices on sustainability issues to those from WUF. Video clips from all events can be viewed at the Sustainability Corner web site.