SOS project

SOS Network
The SCM Optimization System (SOS) is a decision-making system that enables the reduction of the quantity of Portland cement in concrete by determining the optimum level of replacement by supplementary cementing material (SCM).
There is an increasing awareness amongst the building industry that the use of high levels of supplementary cementing materials (SCMs) in concrete can bring substantial benefits in terms of performance, cost, and constructability in addition to dramatic improvements to sustainability and the greenhouse gas (GHG) signature of concrete construction. However, there is also concern about potential pitfalls, such as lower setting time, longer curing requirements, or the potential for SCMs to introduce harmful chemicals into the concrete. To address these concerns, a partnership led by EcoSmart is developing a ‘SCM Optimization System’ or SOS, a web-based decision-making system to provide online expert guidance concerning all aspects of, and the optimum use of, SCMS at all stages of construction – through concept, structural design, materials selection and proportioning, to construction management and implementation. The system will assemble and package the scientific and technical knowledge, experience and intellectual property of members of a partnership composed of concrete experts, university professors, researchers, structural and material engineers, architects, developers, contractors, cement manufacturers, SCM producers, and ready-mixed concrete suppliers.
Ref: SOS CSCE Paper
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