SDTC recognizes EcoSmart’s strong performance in bringing the SOS project to a successful culmination.

Sailesh Thaker, SDTC’s VP of Industry and Stakeholder Relations, recently wrote to EcoSmart to thank us for our efforts and success in the SOS project. As well as moving Canada forward in its efforts to develop cleaner technologies, Sailesh noted that we have helped SDTC win additional funds for its mandate: “The success of your company and its path to commercialization has been integral in gaining the recapitalization. Companies such as yours are true success stories that have helped us show great results to the government.”

EcoSmart is very appreciative of the support SDTC has given us in recent years, and commends the government on its vision in providing substantial additional support to SDTC, as was announced in the 2013 budget. SDTC’s support was instrumental in helping EcoSmart and its many partners promote the use of supplementary cementing materials in Canada and throughout the world, with excellent success.

We look forward to working further with SDTC on the many clean technology opportunities EcoSmart is developing.