EcoSmart Seminars in Abu Dhabi: April 21-22, 2008

EcoSmart Emirates image
EcoSmart offered a series of seminars on Sustainable Building and Concrete at the Building Futures Gulf conference in Abu Dhabi on April 21 & 22.
The seminars took place in the Structure & Envelope Forum, located in the Structure Gulf exhibition Hall 7. Building materials are becoming an increasing concern for sustainability in the UAE’s unprecedented construction boom. Concrete is second only to water as the most consumed substance on earth and accounts for over 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. But does this mean we must stop using concrete in construction? Attendees learned how concrete and other building materials and approaches can be turned around to work toward sustainability while increasing the performance and maintaining the cost of your construction project. Expert speakers from the UAE and Canada doscussed issues related to concrete, other construction materials and green building. Presentations covered a variety of perspectives with time provided for speakers to address questions from attendees. See the presentations from this event on the EcoSmart Concrete Knowledge Base. EcoSmart’s seminar speakers included:

  • James Aldred, GHD Global, Manager of the Independent Verification and Testing for the Burj Dubai Tower
  • Khaled Awad, Director, Property Development, Masdar
  • Denis Beaupré, Technical Manager for Unibeton Ready Mix, Abu Dhabi and formerly professor of Civil Engineering at Laval University, Quebec, Canada
  • Michel de Spot, President of EcoSmart Foundation Inc., and a LEED Accredited Professional, Vancouver, Canada
  • Ali Elian, Head of Engineering Materials Laboratory Section, Dubai Central Laboratory
  • Jeff Hood, VP Business Development, Icynene
  • Ken Klassen, MBA, CMHC International Training Team
  • Michael Richardson, General Manager, Ras Al Khaimah Cement

About EcoSmart The EcoSmart Foundation is a Canadian non-profit organization working to advance ecologically and economically smart building technologies since 1999. In the UAE the organization’s emphasis is on the use of EcoSmart Concrete, a carefully engineered material containing very high volumes of such supplementary cementing materials (SCMs) as fly ash and ground blast furnace slag. EcoSmart Concrete improves sustainability and performance without sacrificing cost. Links: EcoSmart Concrete: EcoSmart Emirates: Building Futures Gulf by Batimat:
Ref: EcoSmart Batimat Seminar Information
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