EcoSmart Concrete

Cement Plant
The EcoSmart Concrete project aims to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with the production of Portland cement for use in concrete construction. The core technology consists of replacing the Portland cement in a concrete mixture with an optimum amount of supplementary cementing materials (SCM).
SCMs are industrial by-products or recycled materials with significant cost and environmental benefits. Tests and field applications have shown that EcoSmart concrete often outperforms conventional concrete in strength development and durability. It also offers significant environmental benefits, since each tonne of cement replaced by a supplementary cementing material reduces CO2 emissions by approximately one tonne. EcoSmart has facilitated a number of case studies demonstrating that a significant percentage of Portland cement can be replaced by SCMs without affecting cost, performance or constructability. The results and reports on these case studies can be obtained from the EcoSmart Concrete knowledgebase.
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