EcoSmart Concrete in the Emirates

EcoSmart Emirates image
The proven success of EcoSmartâ„¢ Concrete as a benefit to both the construction industry and the environment is now being demonstrated in the dynamic construction market of the United Arab Emirates.
EcoSmart Concrete optimizes the replacement of Portland cement with Supplementary Cementing Materials (SCMs), such as fly ash. This cutting-edge Canadian technology, proven in some of the world’s most difficult environments, can help tackle major construction issues facing companies in the Emirates. It is demonstrably more durable, with an ability to resist salt corrosion in extreme marine environments. It has the potential to be less expensive than traditional concrete and is easier to pump and work, especially in high temperatures. In addition, the use of fly ash reduces water demand and heat of hydration, two important factors in the UAE. Originally developed by CANMET, a world-renowned Canadian government laboratory, it significantly improves concrete performance, particularly in harsh conditions. And because it reduces cement usage, a major producer of greenhouse gases, EcoSmart Concrete offers distinct environmental advantages. For almost a decade, EcoSmart has worked with designers, engineers, developers and construction managers to test the use of EcoSmart Concrete in real world construction projects. More than twenty successful Canadian case studies by EcoSmart have led to hundreds of projects successfully incorporating the technology in all types of structures, from towers and transit stations, to bridges and universities. Made with the same or greater standards than with traditional methods and at no extra cost, these projects demonstrate that it is possible to combine performance, profitability and environmental responsibility in concrete construction. Since 2006, with the support of Natural Resources Canada through the Technology Early Action Measures Program (TEAM) and CANMET, EcoSmart has been actively working at introducing EcoSmart Concrete and design, engineering methods, applications and techniques to the United Arab Emirates. EcoSmart is supporting demonstration projects in the Emirates and is able to provide technical support, including additional testing, training, design and implementation. Companies interested in participating in the EcoSmart Concrete projects in the UAE should contact EcoSmart at: EcoSmart is a non-profit organization that helps the building industry innovate and adopt new technologies that are ecologically and economically smart. For more information on EcoSmart Concrete and its case studies see: Also see the new EcoSmart Emirates pages at WebLink:
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