John Beveridge

John Beveridge

Director Vancouver

Former Affiliation formerly an industry development advisor for Industry Canada with 25 years experience supporting the development and adoption of Canadian environmental technologies; he retired in 2010 after completing a special assignment with Environment Canada directing the federal inter-departmental sustainability program for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games.

Mark Salerno

Mark Salerno

Director Toronto, Ontario
Other affiliation:
 M.Arch., B.Tech., MRAIC, Corporate Representative, National Management Team, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Mark excels in forging strategic relationships and unique partnerships, creatively sharing CMHC’s vast housing expertise and fostering the creation of sustainable housing/communities.
He ‘s CMHC’s media savvy spokesperson – able to cover a range of housing issues and especially enjoying the chance to passionately share his substantive expertise in sustainable housing and community design.
His weekly article dealing with a range of housing topics from renovation to home maintenance to home finance can be read across the Sun Media Chain. 
Mark is one of 250 Canadians personally trained by U.S. Vice President Al Gore to present the live version of ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ as part of the Climate Project Canada Initiative.
Mark has a strong inclination for concrete action as evidenced by his role in spearheading 4 travelling, full-scale, sustainable house exhibits ($5M fund-raising effort, 500k visitors, $5M editorial value of media coverage; CTV’s Live Earth telecast, Canada AM, numerous TV/Radio news spots, print articles).
As a member of CMHC’s National Management Team, Mark has had a diverse range of exciting appointments including Corporate Representative, Manager Communications/Marketing, Manager CMHC International, National Sales Team Leader Municipal Infrastructure Lending Program & Sr Research Consultant, BC/Yukon where he lead multi-stakeholder relations related to the highly contentious leaky condominium issue in Vancouver.
Prior to CMHC Mark was a building science professor at Toronto’s Seneca College and served 10 years as President of SDC Consultants where he provided design, consulting and project management services for sustainable building design projects.
Mark possesses a Master of Architecture Degree and a Bachelor of Technology Degree, is a Member Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and a contributor to countless boards and committees.

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The EcoSmart Foundation is a non-profit Canadian corporation based in Vancouver, BC. We develop activities and projects fostering technical solutions and innovations towards a sustainable economy. The purpose of the Corporation is to develop, fund, foster and promote activities that follow the EcoSmart principle defined in our charter as: “EcoSmart Principle” means the objective of reducing the environmental impact of a product, service, technology or project in such a way that performance and profitability are maintained or enhanced.”

Background & History of EcoSmart EcoSmart began in 1999 as the EcoSmart Concrete Project, a collaborative partnership of several government departments and industry groups. The EcoSmart Concrete Project sought to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the concrete and cement industry by: • Replacing Portland cement in the concrete mix with Supplementary Cementing Materials (SCMs) to the greatest extent possible while maintaining or improving the cost, physical performance and constructability • Promoting greater use of EcoSmart Concrete in the building industry. Primary activities included the development of real construction project case studies and industry education Eventually the success of the EcoSmart Concrete case studies extended the scope of the organization and it was deemed necessary to expand EcoSmart’s capabilities to include other issues related to sustainable building, energy and climate change. EcoSmart operates out of Vancouver, BC, Canada and is a governed by a board of directors, made up of volunteer members from across the country, who represent research, government, and the private sector.

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