About the Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) Project

EcoSmart received funding support to carry out Building Performance Evaluations (BPE) on six Canadian buildings.
Building performance evaluation (BPE) involves the inspection of buildings one to five years after their completion, and assessment of the extent to which a given building has met its design goals for resource consumption and occupant satisfaction. The primary purpose of BPE is to improve design practice and ensure the continuous improvement of design methods, through the provision of feedback to designers on the effectiveness of their design choices. BPE is also useful to property managers, building operators, and building occupants through its collation of detailed measurements and occupant feedback, which highlight which building features are operating optimally, and which features have the potential to be enhanced. Six office buildings in the BC Lower Mainland have been evaluated piloting the draft Building Performance Evaluation Protocol developed by Stantec Consulting Ltd. The draft protocol has been used to evaluate buildings by involving interviews with building occupants and operators, a fifteen minute web-based satisfaction survey of building occupants, the examination of utility bills, and quantitative and qualitative analysis of indoor comfort factors. Information has then been used to compare actual building performance with anticipated design performance, with the process culminating in the provision of valuable feedback to building designers, operators, and owners. Streamlining of the draft Building Performance Evaluation Protocol has been a second key element of the study. Forums were held with members of the design community and feedback received were incorporated into the protocol, enhancing its value to the building design community. The aim has been to develop a piloted, streamlined protocol, which is financially and technically within the reach of most building designers and owners. The streamlined version of the protocol is now complete and is publicly available to the design community via the EcoSmart website.
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